Breeding Info

Our Breeding Philosophy

Over the last 15 years our breeding goals have remained the same. We want a high quality riding horse at an affordable price. Our breeding philosophy has evolved with our ownership of our stallion, Amor Reto. Initially most people were looking for some refinement to their horses. In the last ten years it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish warmblood breeds from each other. Stallions that excel at producing either jumpers or dredge horses have also become popular. This has become both a problem and opportunity for Amor Reto.

Amor Reto is an All Arounder

Amor Reto is an all arounder and this is not as popular as the stallions who specialize in dressage or jumping. However, not all mares can take advantage of these specialists. It depends on your mare.

How can you take advantage of breeding to Amor Reto?

For the mares who have a lot of dressage characteristics, Amor Reto will probably bring a better canter and more “blood”. For the mares who have a lot of jumper characteristics, Amor Reto brings more rideability and athleticism. We have been very pleased with the offspring from Thoroughbred mares. For more information about breeding to Amor Reto click here.

Who is he approved by?

Amor Reto is approved by the ISR/Oldenburg NA.

Why was Amor Reto not approved by the American Hanoverian Society?

He was not approved by the American Hanoverian Society despite winning the 100 Day Test and meeting the requirements laid out in the bylaws. If you want to know the details, click here.

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