Welcome back to USDF Gold Medalist; Todd Bryan


9:oo       Bill Huber               Concerto LF

9:45       Rhyann Johnson   Etania

10:30     Carissa Martinelli  Achim LF

11:15  +++++++++BREAK+++++++++++

11:30    Meghan Courtney   NocOut

12:15    Marie Rogers           Whimsey

1:00     +++++++LUNCH+++++++++++

1:30 Andrea Huber               Ariel

2:15 Amanda Thompson     Apollo

3:00 Katy Harvey                 Magneto

3:45 Tina Kampman          “The Grey Wonder”


8:30 Bill Huber                   Concerto LF

9:15 Rhyann Johnson         Etania

10:00 Tina Kampman        “The Grey Wonder”


11:00 Meghan Courtney      NocOut

11:45 Helen Rogers              Whimsey


1:00 Andrea Huber              Ariel

1:45 Katy Harvey                  Magneto

2:30 Amanda Thompson    Apollo

3:15 Carissa Martinelli        Achim LF

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